Moving Scammers – How To Fight Them

Contributed by Hills Moving Mississauga

Getting into the hands of scam removals is becoming more and more frequent. You can’t really see this coming when you get involved with them, but before you recognize what is going on you may have lost some of your property or received badly damaged furniture with no prompt hope of redemption. Their style of business changes, but most scam companies will give you laughably cheap moving estimate just to get the job first with very doubtful purposes and motives.

They may ask for a little deposit, pack your belongings, load everything in their moving trucks and leave your old home in an alleged drive to your new home. You may be waiting for hours to hear from them till you call their office. This is even unusual when you think of the fact that they should have at least keep you informed before leaving the old home but that is not the scenario in many cases. They would drive off with your possessions and wait for you to pay more money, in some cases double than what was earlier agreed on. There is hope for you if you end up in this position but even before it occurs, you have to take some accordingly preparatory steps.

Here is what you should do if you feel being scammed by a removal company.

Ensure that you document everything that happens between you and the company. Keep all your records, the total amount you two agreed on at first, the deposit you had already paid and the amount the sneakily want to take from you.

The minute you find out that you’re being scammed or that your possessions are being held hostage till you pay extra money, you should purposely and accordingly keep all phone communication, who you talked with, the dates, emails and any other documented proofs that will help you to demonstrate your case. Doing these will assist you to regain your goods by the legal means and bring out the crime of such company.

The doubtful behaves of such scam removal companies are wrong and should be convicted and fought by all in the community. Connect with the closest BBB and describe your case and you will be able to brief your lawyer while this is happening. Be ready to battle for your rights and help to stop scammers in our community.

If everyone that has been scammed by removal companies decided to get compensated, the scammer’s actions may have been cut down to a minimum or even stopped since they’d have discovered that it is no more beneficial to betray their customers.